D is for….

Ditzy Doughnuts

1 egg

1/4 cup sugar

1 cup self raising flour

2 tbs cream cheese

2 tbs yogurt

Heat a wok with half filled oil in pan. Combine all ingredients & bring to a dough. Roll into small sized balls & place in heated wok. Turn once browned & then drain on paper tray. Whilst still warm, roll into mixed cinnamon &  caster sugar ….mmmmmmmmmm MAKES ABOUT 20


Danielle is now 16, she is the eldest out of my two girls. She loves One Direction , loves her music and singing.

She is interested in doing child care & loves kids.  Her godparents is my BFF from kindy & her hubby…..not a regret in the world.

Danielle has grown into a beautiful, young woman & we are all proud of her

Die Cutting and Die Cuts

Die cutting is just like using a cookie cutter. A hand-operated, die cutting machine uses steel rule die shapes to cut through a wide range of materials quickly and easily. Typically paper is cut but fabric, felt or any other crafty material can usually be cut. It makes cutting intricate shapes easy and quick. I have purchased a cuttlebug machine and have only a few ‘dies’. Animals, party theme and a flourish. Here is a card of the animals I used to make a congratulations card for friends of ours who had twins.


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