B is for…


Bocconcini & tomato salad

Slice 2 large tomatoes & lay on a serving platter. Over that, lay cut boccicinni which have been cut in half.

Drizzle with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

Season well & top with torn basil leaves & pepper


One of my favourite activities when invited over to Antonella’s house on the school holidays was to play Barbies. I never received real Barbies, just had the cheaper she-won’t-know-difference  imitation, as a child, so I always got my fix at Antonella’s. We would grab the dolls and a bag full of clothes, dump in the middle of the room and dress and undress the Barbies for hours. And then dress and undress [the Barbies] some more.


Bunting is typically joined flag-shaped pieces of material used as decorations or for festive occasions. Recently I made bunting with paper and the computer for my son’s Baptism.


I had these in the pantry the other day.

So I decided to make banana bread…

But it reminded me of another childhood memory. Which nine-year old ACTUALLY preferred to eat bananas in this state, black and bruised? Antonella that’s who! And she still likes them this way.


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